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Title Joseph Cowen, MP
AdminHistory Joseph Cowen [1829-1900] was the son of Sir Joseph Cowen [1800-1873] MP for Newcastle 1865-1873. The son interested himself in revolutionary movements on the continent and became an active supporter of the chartists. He was proprietor and editor of the 'Newcastle Chronicle' and established the 'Northern Tribune'. He too was MP for Newcastle 1873-1885.
Date 1833-1937
Description DF.COW/A
Foreign Affairs
Papers relating to revolutionary movements in Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Austria and Hungary, boarding of Polish-Hungarian refugees (including a list of Polish refugees on Tyneside with trades, present employment and addresses 1851 [A130] and minutes of the the Polish-Hungarian Refugee Committee, Newcastle 1851-2 [A42]), the Russo-Turkish War, visits of Giuseppe Garibaldi and Louis [Lajos] Kossuth to Tyneside, Crimean War, Newcastle on Tyne Foreign Affairs Committee (including cash book and minutes 1854-6 [A247-248]), expulsion of French refugees from Jersey (including Victor Hugo), alleged plot to assassinate Napoleon III, protests against the Alien Bill, the Eastern Question, Kropotkin, Egypt, Sudan, South Africa etc. 1833- 1932 (998 items).

Home Affairs
Papers relating to disestablishment (particularly the British Anti-State Church Association, including minutes and accounts of Winlaton branch 1848 [B6-7]), republicanism, the Northern Co-operative Union (including minutes 1862-4 [B41]) and Co-operative Congress, temperance, education, peace movement, work of Joseph Cowen snr, trade unions, parliamentary work, Ireland etc. 1846-1902 (416 items).

Northern Reform Union
Papers (mainly correspondence) relating to parliamentary reform and meetings of the NRU; includes minutes 1857-1859 [C6], 1860 [C1174] and various lists of members; papers relating to the mass demonstration of the Northern Reform League on Newcastle Town Moor 1873; also includes material on the Garibaldi Fund 1857-1913 (1859 items).

Local Affairs
Papers relating to Winlaton Literary and Scientific Society and Mechanics Institution, Blaydon and Stella Mechanics Institution, the 'Tyne Tribune', the 'Northern Tribune', Newcastle School Board, formation of College of Physical Science in Newcastle, Tyne Improvement, new Science and Art Schools, Newcastle, the 'Newcastle Chronicle', Rutherford fountain, Tynemouth Trust medals for lifesaving, Blaydon Secondary School scholarships, Blaydon war memorial and other local matters, particularly copies of speeches given to local organisations and Winlaton and Blaydon 1847-1937 (537 items).

Papers relating to Joseph Cowen snr and Joseph Cowen jnr including copies of numerous newspaper obituaries and funeral reports 1856-1929 (448 items).

Papers relating to Joseph Cowen snr's patent for improving the manufacture of retorts, notes and essays written at Edinburgh University 1844-, copies of letters written by Cowen, letters about speeches, papers of Colonel Joseph Cowen and Jane Cowen including the Cowen Training Home for disabled soldiers and sailors 1844-1934 (140 items).

Miscellaneous Correspondence
Papers (mainly correspondence) 1851-1898 (83 items).
AccessConditions Most of this collection is available on microfilm. When ordering documents that have not been microfilmed, replace reference 'DF.COW' with '634'.
RelatedMaterial Nigel Todd: The Militant Democracy: Joseph Cowen and Victorian Socialism [Newcastle 1991]
E D Spraggon: The Radicalism of Joseph Cowen [unpublished MA dissertation, Newcastle Polytechnic 1985]

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