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Newcastle City Council Collection 1636-1995

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Title Newcastle City Council: Transport
AdminHistory The first horse tram service in Newcastle started in 1878. The network was constructed by the City Council, but operated initally by an independent company as lessees. By Act of Parliament in 1899, the council gained the authority to electrify the system and manage the service directly, and by the end of 1901 Newcastle Corporation Tramways was operating electric trams over 14 miles of track. By 1914 this had increased to 63 miles, including a route to Throckley, then beyond the city boundary. By the 1920s the popular route to Gosforth Park was in operation. Trolley buses replaced trams gradually from 1935 onwards, with the last tram withdrawn in 1950.

Buses were first introduced as early as 1912, but in the early years were used only to extend routes beyond the tram termini to outlying villages. Some tram routes were directly replaced by buses, but they remained the exception until the major road redevelopments of the 1960s saw a comprehensive move to a bus system between 1963-1966.

Tyneside was one of four major conurbations included in the Transport Act of 1968, which saw the local corporation transport undertakings replaced by the combined Tyneside Passenger Transport Authority. With the creation of Tyne and Wear County Council in 1974, the PTA became part of the County Council and Sunderland was added to the area controlled.
Description This list is a summary only. Most records have not yet been catalogued to modern standards.

Accession T8 (detailed paper accession list available in Archives searchroom)
Photographs showing various types of tram, bus etc used in Newcastle upon Tyne (several are not dated) [c1892-1969]

Accession T202 (detailed paper accession list available in Archives searchroom)
Cash books 1912-1913, 1941-1943 (4 vol)
General papers relating to: wage increases, shift pay, acqisitions, insurances, capital expenditure, notices etc .
Staff Records 1902-1950 (18 bundles)
Staff Record Cards 1946-1970
Proceedings of the public meetings of the Traffic Commissioners for Northern Traffic Area 1930-1951 (4 bundles)

Accession T300 (Tyne & Wear Passenger Transport Executive and predecessors)
Annual Reports and statements of Accounts 1931-1985
Published Reports 1973-1985
Tyne & Wear Public Transport Plan 1985-1988
Tyne & Wear Public Transport Plans 1984-1986
Progamming Negatives 1975-1980
J Slater 'Newcastle upon Tyne City Transport Undertaking 1901-1969' 1969
Contract files & Copy Agreements 1900-1960

Accession T329 (detailed paper accession list available in Archives searchroom)
Plans, books of reference etc relating to tramways in the Gosforth Area 1893-1931 (26 booklets 55 plans 4 papers 4 files)

Accession T556 (unlisted)
Notices to Conductors 1914-1917 (1 file)
Photographs [1930s-1970s] (9 photographs)
Parliamentary plans 1899-1952 (17 vol)
Annual Reports 1925-1926, 1960, 1962 (3 vol)
Press Cuttings 1966-1980 (2 vol)
PTE Scrapbook n.d. [1970s] (1 vol)

Accession 205 (rough list available in Archives searchroom; 3 days notice required for access)
cash books 1901-1908
wages books 1937-1948 (mostly maintenance workers)
plans 1901-1951
miscellaneous papers 1885-1938

Accession 376 (detailed paper accession list available in Archives searchroom)
30-32 Papers and correspondence re tramways 1900-1937

Accession 393 (unlisted)
tramways book 1919

Accession 2541 (unlisted)
Plans of electrical gear, magnetic brakes etc, 1940s

Accession 3617 (unlisted)
General Manager's correspondence with the National Union of Vehicle Builders 1932-1968

Accession 3740 (unlisted)
Records (mainly maps and plans) of Newcastle Corporation Tramways, Gateshead and District Tramways Co., Tyne & Wear Passenger Executive and Tyne and Wear Transport. The collection includes:
General Arrangement etc of trams, 1920s
Plans of Metro stations, 1970s
Records relating to bus and rail routes and bus stations, 1970s

Accession 4622
1. route plans, 1909, 1918, 1924, [n.d. aft. 1914]; proposed electric tramway routes (superimposed on horse tram routes) [probably initial proposals for conversion to electric tramways, showing routes never constructed], nd ?1901; Byker Car Works/ depot extension, ground plan, nd (1 plan)
2. Wingrove Depot plans 1902-1950 (1 plan tube)
3. Gateshead trolley buses/ High Level Bridge (c 1944? not executed) (3 plans)
4. Gosforth tram derailment - plan showing location and profile of worn track causing accident, 1944 (1 plan)
5. plans re NESCO change of electricity supply frequency, 1930s - technical (1 plan tube)
6. Manors Power Station, building plans c 1900-1930s (2 plan tubes)
7. Byker Depot, mainly 1920s (1 plan tube)
8. Gosforth Depot, building plans incl. pre-1900 and 1901 conversion (3 plan tubes)

Accession 4660
1. Route plan c. 1909, showing routes authorised 1899-1904, including those not constructed (1 plan)
2. Route plan 1903, showing proposed speed on each route (1 plan)
3. schedule of rolling stock, nd (1 sheet)
4. (NCL Corporation Tramways) Bus route map c. 1926, showing routes outwith city boundaries sanctioned and new applications
5. Manors Power Station and Tramways Offices, floor plans and section, 1937 and nd
6. quayside lamp standards, nd
7. plan and specification/ tender for double deck covered buses, 1930
8. Newcastle and Gateshead through running - comparison of miles run, nd
9. Byker Depot - building plans including ARP cleansing depot 1940

Accession 4698
1. agreement between Newcastle Corporation and North Eastern Railway, re running of trams over High Level Bridge, 1920 (1 file)
2. Northern Coachbuilders (Newcastle), bus plans, late 1940s (12 plans)
3. Manors Power Station, plans, elevations and sections (4 plans)
4. Newcastle Corporation Transport: advertising space on trolleybuses, nd c 1940s (1 booklet - plans)
5. Route maps, including fare stages, inter-running etc. 1903-1930s (1 roll)
6. plan showing arrangement for storage of buses within garage, 1936
7. motor bus fleet: chart showing loan period of vehicles and excess life, nd c. 1940s
8. bus plans (various), nd (2 rolls)
9. proposed new Town Hall, Newcastle (not built): floor plans, with Tramways accommodation highlighted, 1939 (1 roll)
10. plan of Sunderland tram routes nd, on Ward's directory map 1915 (1 paper)
11. Newcastle Corporation Tramways, parliamentary plans c 1911-1920 (1 roll)

Accession 4745
1. borings at Milkmarket, Newcastle Quayside (pumping station for Manors Power Station), 1901 (1 plan)
2. AEC and Daimler bus blueprints, 1930 (1 file) to keep as sample only
3. Newcastle Corporation Transport & Electricity Undertaking: special work diagrams 1941 (5 plans)
4. tramways: side pole and centre pole; route diagram, speeding up of system 1929 (2 plans)
5. street furniture: clocks, shelters etc. (1 roll)
6. overhead wires/ layouts: Grainger Street/Westgate Road; Wingrove Car Sheds/ West Road; St Nicholas Street/Westgate Road; New Bridge Street/ Pilgrim Street/ Carliol Street; Netherby Drive trolley bus reverser (5 plans), 1941-1946
7. positions of cables and pipes in roads [apparently generic, relating to different footpath widths] (1 plan)1925
8. track layout, Neville Street/Westgate Road (1 plan) 1922
9. Newcastle-Gateshead through tram services, nd; proposed dualing of Great North Road, Henry Street-Gosforth Park, 1946 (5 plans)
10. tramways track/ overhead plan, Fossway/Shields Road/Union Road; trolley bus turning circle, Grandstand Road, 1934-1947 (2 plans)
11. Byker Depot: site plan 1923; air raid shelter and cleansing station 1939 (6 plans)
12. track layout and sheds, Ouseburn; Transport & Electricity Undertaking: diagramatic plan of electricity supply system, 1944-1947 (2 plans)
13. street lighting (extent and design); diagram of street lighting feeders from Manors sub-station (7 plans)
14. buses: data for body makers; indicator screens; departure boards Elmfield Road/ Grandstand Road; school feeding van, 1945-1951 (6 plans)
15. North East Engineering Bureau, annual report 1964 (1 booklet)
16. Engineering Industries Association and North East Engineering Bureau, Newcastle exhibition handbook 1967 (1 booklet)

Accession 4753
parliamentary plans, 1899, 1906, 1911, 1921, 1926, 1933/4, 1936/7, 1937/8, June 1939, 1943/4, 1944/5

Accession 5455 (these records are available on demand)
1. General cash book no. 7, February 1911-March 1912 (1 volume)
2. Daily traffic cash statement book no. 33, 5 August 1940-6 September 1941 (1 volume)
3. (loose papers found in 1) note of bus fares/ costs of running buses/ weekly service/ receipts statistics, 1919-1920 (3 papers)
AccessConditions Records which have been catalogued in an accession list are available on demand. A minimum of three working days notice is required for access to unlisted records. Please note that access to employee records for individuals who could still be alive is restricted under the Data Protection Act.
RelatedMaterial For minutes of Newcastle City Council Traffic, Highways and Transport (formerly Tramways/ Transport and Electricity) Committee see MD.NC/94/3-6; 266; 268.
Records of Tyneside (later Tyne and Wear) Passenger Transport Authority (1969 onwards) will be listed separately as JA.PTA. Minutes 1985-2006 are listed at MD.NC/693-695, 913.

D Holding, A History of British Bus Services in the North East (1979) - copy in searchroom library
GS Hearse, The Tramways of Northumberland (1961) - copy in searchroom library
T P Canneaux and N H Hanson, The Trolleybuses of Newcastle upon Tyne, 1935 - 1966 (1985) - copy in searchroom library
L/PA 2034 Newcastle upon Tyne City Transport Undertaking 1901-1969

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