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User Guide 08 - Rcords of the Jewish Communitiy
Revised February 2004

NB Consent of the Depositor is required for access to all records of the Jewish Community

Please note, it is not normally possible to produce unlisted collections for consultation in the Search Room.

  1. Representative Council of North East Jewry
  2. Synagogues
  3. Chevra Kadishas (Jewish Burial societies)
  4. Cemeteries
  5. Boards of Shechita (responsible for kosher food supplies)
  6. Schools
  7. Charitable Organisations
  8. Social Organisations
  9. Personal Papers
  10. Other records

1. Representative Council of North East Jewry [JD/JRC]

Minutes 1941-1990, rules 1941, c1961, annual reports 1969-1973, balance sheets 1961-1970, correspondence 1947- 1986, analyses of Newcastle Jewish community 1988, 1993, orders of service 1977, 1985, printed material 1938-1985, photographs 1930-1991, film c1930s-1970s

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2. Synagogues

Gateshead Synagogue [T311/1936/459]

Plans 1936

Gosforth & Kenton Hebrew Congregation [C/GO8] Open 1947-1984

Minutes 1954-1981, annual reports 1961-1971, accounts 1957-1960, orders of service 1954-1984, plans, photographs etc.

Jesmond Synagogue [C/NC84] Open 1915-1986

Minutes 1924-1973, annual reports 1941-1973, membership 1926-1931, accounts 1922-1943, orders of service 1915- 1986 etc.
Plan 1894 [T186/16079E]

Newcastle Beth Hamedrash [C/NC16] Open 1891-1916

Minutes 1901-1909

Newcastle, Charlotte Square Synagogue [C/NC86]

Bris milah (circumcisions) 1877-1881, genealogy of Rabbi Elias Perlson

Newcastle, Leazes Park Road Synagogue [C/NC65] Open 1880-1978

Minutes 1937-1972, registers of members 1921-c1940s, seat rent accounts 1902-1941, annual reports 1951-1972, orders of service 1924-1978, photographs etc
Plans 1898 - 1923 [T186/8357, 18195]

Newcastle, Ravensworth Terrace Synagogue [C/NC83] Open 1924-1969

Minutes 1940-1969, lists and indexes of members, orders of service 1924-1950 etc
Plans 1924 [T186/A2326]

Newcastle Reform Synagogue [C/NC56] Opened 1965

Orders of service 1985-1990 etc

Annual reports 1973-1990, orders of service 1975-1996, calendars of high festivals 1973-1989, plans etc

South Shields Hebrew Congregation [C/SS35] Founded c1880

Records 1890-1933
Synagogue plans 1922 [T229/96/8796]

Sunderland Beth Hamedrash [C/SU75] Opened 1891

Minutes 1899-1984 etc, Marriages 1904-1984 [3774 unlisted]

Sunderland Hebrew Congregation [C/SU74] Founded 1821

Minutes 1857-1979, lists of subscribers, seat rentals 1901-1912, bris milah (circumcisions) 1850-1889, birth register 1867-73, 1892, annual reports 1904-1996, Sunderland Jewish Review 1966-68 etc, plans 1927 [269/5777-5788 no 103], marriages 1837-1985 [3774 unlisted]

Whitley Bay Hebrew Congregation [C/WB6] Founded 1922

Orders of service 1938-1966, brochures etc

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3. Chevra Kadishas (Jewish Burial societies)

Gateshead [JD/CK3] List of graves 1908-1923

Newcastle [JD/CK1] Minutes 1931-1968, accounts 1923-1973 etc

Newcastle, Corporation Street [JD/CK2] Minutes 1910-1965, accounts 1923-1945, indexes of members 1944-1966, lists of graves c1908-1968 etc

Sunderland [JD/CK4] Minutes 1895-1931, accounts 1936-1986

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4. Cemeteries

Jewish Cemetery, Elswick [CE/JW] Grave fee receipts 1888-1902, list of memorials 1859- 1958, index 1864-1990, photograph

Jewish Cemetery, Hazelrigg [CE/JHZ] Plans etc, index of burials [CE/JW/3]

Jewish cemetery, Heaton Index of burials [CE/JW/3], plans of graves [C/NC84/13]

Jewish Cemetery, Ravensworth Index of burials [CE/JW/3]

(For records relating to Jewish burials in Sunderland see Robert K Letbe, funeral director, Sunderland DX1001)

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5. Boards of Shechita (responsible for kosher food supplies)

Newcastle [JD/BS1] Minutes 1922-1972 etc

Sunderland [JD/BS2] Minutes 1959-1990, 1994 etc

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6. Schools & Educational Institutions

Gateshead Yeshivah [DX994/8] Souvenir Brochure 1961

Newcastle Jewish Day School [E/NC50] Constitution 1968, financial statement 1976, order of service 1974

Newcastle Jewish Nursery School [E/NC51] Photographs 1960s-1970s

Sunderland Centre for Advanced Rabbinics [DX994/10] Souvenir Brochure 1972

Sunderland Chevra Gemara [JD.CG1] Pinkes 1891-1909

Sunderland Menorah School [E/SU22] List of pupils 1974, balance sheets 1960-1977, brochures etc

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7. Charitable Organisations

Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women, Newcastle Branch (AJEX) [S/JS1] Minutes 1962-1985, accounts 1966-1982, constitution and rules 1933, 1948, orders of service 1949-1987, photographs 1930s-1980s etc

Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Newcastle Branch [CHX52] Programmes 1950, 1959

Joel Intract Memorial Home of Rest for Aged Jews [CHX48] Minutes 1947-1984, annual report 1976 etc

Newcastle Aid Society of the Jewish Blind Society [CH/JBS] Minutes 1980, accounts 1965-1986 etc

Newcastle Jewish National Fund [SX61] Minutes and accounts 1948-1962, programmes 1962-1966

Newcastle upon Tyne Jewish Welfare Society (formerly Jewish Board of Guardians) [CH/JWS] Minutes 1926-1950, annual reports 1925-32, 1973-1989, accounts 1896-1984, balance sheet 1930 [1598 Box 10 - unlisted]

B Rittenberg Legacy [1598 Box 11 - unlisted] Accounts 1931-1932

Solomon Levy deceased, Charity for the Poor of the Hebrew Congregation in the parish of South Shields [1598 Box 25 - unlisted] Accounts 1935-38

Sunderland Hebrew Board of Guardians [CHX49] Minutes 1869-1907

The Three Cs, Combined Charities Committee [CHX53] Minutes 1966-1984, accounts 1966-1984 etc

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8. Social Organisations

32nd Newcastle (Judean) Scouts [S/BS5] Magazine 1936

B'nai Brith, Sunderland Lodge No.1300 [SX78] Correspondence 1938-1958 etc

Grand Order of the Shield of David [SX72] Membership register 1903-1934

Grand Order of Israel, Newcastle [SX80] Photographs c1934, 1952

Newcastle Jewish Literary Society [SX79] Programmes for plays 1951-1997

Newcastle Maccabi Association [S/MAC] Constitution 1936-1951, correspondence 1935-1936, Maccabi News 1947-1948, boxing tournament programmes 1948-1957 etc

Newcastle Zionist Association [SX73] Minutes 1941-1960 etc

Newcastle upon Tyne Jewish Leisure Group [SX60] Films of outings 1982-1987

Newcastle upon Tyne Young Zionist Society [SX62] Minutes 1944-1954

Order of Ancient Maccabeans [DX58] Photographs etc

Sunderland Jewish Club [SX77] Minutes 1940-1955 etc

Sunderland Joint Palestine Appeal [SX90] Minutes 1962-1975, list of subscribers 1956-1972 etc

Sunderland WIZO [SX89] Minutes 1979-1989 etc

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9. Personal Papers

Gatoff family [DX694]

Photographs etc

Jackson family [DX906]

Immigration and other papers 1899-1927

Levy family [DX445]

Photographs 1911

Jaffey, Freedman & Rosenberg families [DX258]


Simon Cain [DX905]

Postcards 1913

Emily Marks [DX260]

School prize 1878 and marriage settlement 1895

Sunderland Miscellaneous [DX994]

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10. Other records

Among other records likely to be of use for tracing the history of the Jewish community in Tyne and Wear are:-

  • Census records 1841-1901
  • School records
  • Records of Jewish businesses

See also From Kretinga to Sunderland: A Jewish chain migration from Lithuania 1850-1930s by Gordon Leigh, MA thesis 2002 [in searchroom library]

See also: The Susser Archive which contains the documents and research papers of the late Rabbi Dr Bernard Susser, formerly of Sunderland.

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